Legal services & financial advice

Membership of the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP means you can access important legal services and financial advice all designed to make your life easier and better. Find out more or call the Union.

Equal Opportunity

The MSAV, VPA Inc and AHP are committed to pursuing equal opportunity for all workers in the health industry. Equal opportunity is your legal right.

Assistance with WorkCover Claims

Members can access the services of Union Assist for help with WorkCover ISSUES at no cost. Get more information about Union Assist here

Financial Advice

Unions recognise that it is difficult for members to know where to go when seeking financial advice. The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has endorsed a number of financial planning organisations and individuals. Get more information here

Some members of the MSAV and VPA use the services of Unified Financial Services (UFS). Michelle Tate-Lovery, the principal of UFS, has a lot of experience in advising employees in the health industry. For more information go to

Members should note that this information does not constitute an endorsement by the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP of any particular adviser or of advice given by any of these advisers. Neither the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP accepts any responsibility for any loss suffered by anyone in connection with or reliance upon any such advice.

We recommend that members make their own inquiries regarding the services and fees of financial advisers.

Discounted Home Loans

All union members have access to home loan finance through ME (ring 1800 650 999) or Trades Hall Finance (ring 03 9347 3622 or 1800 801 371).

Industry Fund Services

Industry Fund Services (IFS) is Australia’s leading provider of specialist financial products, services and support for Industry Super Funds and unions. It is fully owned by a number of key Industry Super Funds, and was established to help the members of Industry Super Funds to achieve the best financial outcomes.

Low Cost Banking

ME Internet banking is a convenient way to bank with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*. With Internet banking you can manage your accounts in a fast, easy and simple to understand manner and what’s more, you can do it from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere that has Internet access.

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